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Safety Policy

Tin Wo Engineering Co. Ltd. pursues a “People-oriented, Safety First” Policy of Safety Management. We commit ourselves to observe at least the minimum requirements of the Hong Kong regulations of Health and Safety at any time and under all reasonable and practical circumstances, in order to protect the health and safety of all of our employees and people who may be affected by our work.

Our company is pledged to recognize that the safety management is the supreme duty of our top management, senior executives, site supervisors, and all frontline managers. We ensure that all of them implement and maintain this Safety Policy so that everyone is well-protected in terms of health and safety, as well as avoiding any damage to any property. We regularly examine and assess any possible hazards that may arise from our projects and provide sufficient resources to lower the risks of damage or harm to any employee and the public. According to the needs of different projects, we examine, follow up and plan the provision of resources, training and supervision, to ensure all of our employees receive the necessary information and training to understand the requirements of the Safety Policy.

The ultimate objective of our Safety Policy is “zero accident” and our 2012 safety control target is an accidental rate of eight out of one thousand workers.
We devote ourselves to consummate the company’s health and safety control system gradually, including regular examination and audit of safety measures, and revise the relevant rules of safety and the health. The top management periodically petrol the sites and review the safety performance. There are regular promotion activities of safety concepts and various safety training programmes offered to both the managers and employees. We also conduct regular survey of employees’ opinions about the safety and health measures for thorough review.

We always consider the safety and health measures in our Safety Policy as the most important factor in our business. We strive for the liaison and cooperation with all parties to achieve our index and goals of safety and health in work. We have annual review of our Safety Policy and shall revise it at any time deemed to be necessary for continuous improvement.